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Product Information

Some Existing Products and Projects :-

Helpdesk Call Managment
CallBase is an incident and call management and logging application. Data persistence is via Oracle or MS Access and is available for single or multi user environments. Download evaluation release. Email us at for further information regarding the license required for this release or for any other information.

Web Site Development
We have vast experience in web site design, development and hosting and are currently updating our own site to truly reflect our skills and capabilities. In the meantime here are some examples of our work:

Document Reference
LTDocSearch We have a document search engine component which provides users with internet browser DHTML based e-document searching and reading. The component can be either online web based or offline running from a CD-Rom or even installed onto a hard disk or shared network drive. It utilises a JavaScript based DHTML interface for either viewing or for specific phrase searching. Content can be searched either by viewing headings or via whole page searches. Email us at for further information or for an evaluation CD-ROM. An example of this that we have developed for a customer can be viewed here.

Data Analysis
We have developed a large number of products which have provided users with database data retrieval for analysis and processing. This has included projects for markets including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, education, telecomms, retail and distribution. Email us at for further information.

Device Automation
ControlMate is a windows-based application that provides a browser style graphical programming interface for creating and executing device and module control program sequences. The object oriented application architecture was developed using the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and provides a method by which command objects which can be sequenced to provide a logical structure according to the control requirements. The application provides a standard method by which control programs are created and allows the system to be configured to dynamically load modules on demand.

Hosepipe/ACE project has been developed as an object oriented architecture for providing a generic machine interface for device automation. Work patterns and orders, held in ORACLE, are optimised and mapped to robotic devices for processing. The architecure covers tiers from data persistence and object factories through to user intefacing.

LTopalDDE provides a programmers interface to the Opal Jena Opal Control software. An evaluation release, including all documentation and a sample application (with the associated Visual Basic source code), is available. Email us at for further information

LTGemLink OLE device automation developer component. Used by application developers to easily integrate their own applications for Genesis Tecan device control where Gemini software is used. Works in Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Basic 5 and 6, Visual C++ 5 and 6, VB.NET and C#.NET) as well as Delphi 5 upwards. Download evaluation release, this also includes the full developer user guide. Email us at for further information regarding the license required for this release or for any other information.

ABGemLink provides an integrated Abase interface for Genesis Tecan device control via the Tecan Gemini software.

Application Developer Tools
For application developers, we have a range of ActiveX and COM components to assist in your own rapid application development (RAD). The list includes components for printing, data object factories, serial comms, encryption, spelling checkers, product licensing and evaluation software release control. Email us at for further information

A range of Add-In's are available for use within the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE (e.g. Code documenter, bookmark library, spell checker). Email us at for further information